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Bloomington PTSA Council presents latest in Parent Speaker Series

Anthropologist and author Solveig Brown will speak about her book, “All on One Plate,” Saturday, April 7, from 10 a.m. to noon, at Mugshots Coffee Shop, 10518 France Ave S. in Bloomington. 

Brown's book draws on interviews, cultural analysis and academic research in an exploration of motherhood and parenting. She will discuss the diverse ways women strive to be good mothers as they balance working and parenting, negotiate the division of labor, give their children freedom while keeping them safe, manage screen time, curb entitlement and more.

With society’s high expectations for mothers, hear how the women in Brown’s study dealt with feelings of pressure and guilt and sacrificed sleep, exercise or leisure time to manage everything on their plate.

The event is presented by Bloomington PTSA Council and is free and open to all.