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About Our School

Valley View Mission Statement:

Valley View Elementary school educates students to be principled and inquiring lifelong learners who participate with integrity in a rapidly changing global society.

General Information

Building Security: 
School entrance doors are open before and after school to allow for easier flow of students, parents and staff. Once the school day begins, the second set of doors inside the main entrance vestibule is locked and access is limited to entering the main office to sign in. We know this may create some inconvenience, but we believe controlling access with greater certainty is not only proactive, but the first line of defense to keep a facility secure.
Additional safety measures include:

  • classroom doors with keysets that lock from the inside.
  • alarm activation devices and color strobes to indicate when the school is in a safe condition in emergency situations.
  • laminated glass or film on windows/doors in school entry areas.

Other School Safety Plan measures will be added over the next year. The School Safety Plan’s implementation schedule is based on resource allocation, a limited construction window and coordinating with other summer projects.